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 Renault Maxity

Manufacturers partnership

Renault Trucks and PVI have combined their know-how in order to develop the Maxity Electric, a zero-emission commercial vehicle dedicated to urban environments.

With over twenty years of experience in designing and manufacturing electric powertrains, with the Electric Maxity , PVI is implementing an asynchronous engine type with a flow vector control variable speed drive, a robotised gearbox without a clutch, as well as a BBX, the electric and electronic control unit for the vehicle. The Electric Maxity is equipped with Lithium-ion batteries that have a capacity of 42 kWh in the basic version.

In addition to its environmental advantages, the technology implemented by PVI for the Electric Maxity offers operating advantages that are unique on the market:

  • Upper chassis payload exceeding 2t
  • Driving with a B driving licence (in France)
  • Maximum speed of 70 kmph
  • The capability of climbing steep slopes and crossing obstacles upon start-up
  • Full control on slopes, making for safe driving in urban environments, etc.

All this whilst completely retaining the strengths of the standard Renault Maxity chassis: compactness, manoeuvrability, ergonomics, ease and safety of access in the cabin, handling road traffic, etc.
The Maxity Electric is being offered to a wide range of customers who want to experience the unrivalled advantages of an electric vehicle in the following sectors:

  • Town deliveries
  • Urban sanitation and cleaning
  • Green spaces, roads and services to local authoroties
  • Public lighting and networks

This vehicle is distributed by Renault Trucks


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