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 Road and rail truck

PVI has a strong expertise in railway special machines, and specific tools or structures associated to those machines. On the other hand, the company designs and manufactures industrial vehicles for more than 30 years.

Adding together both knowledge and expertise, PVI offers to its Customer a full range of products and services:

  • Needs and feasibility analysis
  • Design and construction of customized equipment for unique project or production volumes
  • The norms and technical standard both road & rail approvals
  • Technical and normative requirement according to the use of the vehicle (crane, aerial lift or platform, winding units,…)
  • Technical assistance for production or maintenance

PVI’s solutions allow to equip the intervention departments with a safe, multi-purpose tool, suited to the needs of railroad work. Thanks to the PVI road and rail trucks, the technical teams can benefit from the mobility of a road vehicle, switch over to a railway track very quickly, and move along it at 30 kmph. PVI provides its Customers with all the norms and standards for road, rail and safety fittings for hoisting purposes.

Products designed by PVI integrate:

  • Truck chassis selected and designed according to Customer needs and use of the vehicle
  • Rerailing system and railway drive
  • Tool or machine according, that can be integrated to multiservice chassis (crane, aerial lift, platform, winding units, drum holder,…)
  • Working or driving cab
  • Control units and driving assistance for truck, railway drive, working tools,…


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