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PVI Group’s fully-owned Chinese subsidiary, Yantai PVI Powertrain Manufacturing Co. Ltd., was founded in the first quarter of 2013 in order to respond to major local demands for technologies for fully electric heavy vehicles.

PVI Group’s Chinese subsidiary is based in Yantai (Shandong Province) and is in charge of the distribution and integration of PVI powertrains on the Asian market. Obviously, it benefits from the ongoing support of PVI’s R&D team in France for the development of solutions adapted to local demands.

PVI’s leading partner in China is the Haide Group, a vehicles body builder specialising in heavy vehicles. In particular, the partnership between PVI and Haide enabled the development and approval of 7.5t and 16t vehicles. These vehicles are based on the various types of chassis by DongFeng, which is also a partner in this successful effort.

Distribution of these vehicles at national level will occur from early 2014 onwards, based on a tested and validated solution, major distribution capacity, and very strong local demand.

New-generation PVI drivelines

They are assembled in Europe as well as China for the Asian Market.
They include the electronic command and control unit for the vehicle, the charger, batteries management, the whole robotised gearbox/engine assembly, and also all of the ancillaries required (cooling system, power steering and brakes, driver’s interface, etc.).

The three solutions offered by PVI are:

  • L drivelines, GVW of 3.5t to 7.5t (European commercial vehicle, Gépébus Oréos 2X minibus, the Aptinéo Vehixel minicoach, the DongFeng/Haide 7.5t truck in China, etc.);
  • XL drivelines, GVW of 12t to 16t (Oréos 4X Midibus, demonstration trucks based on European MD trucks, the DongFeng/Haide 16t truck in China, etc.);
  • XXL drivelines, GVW of 18t to 26t (PVI C-Less 19t and 26t, etc.).

Environmentally friendly, silent, comfortable and ergonomic, the powertrains developed by PVI are reliable systems and solutions which are available, tried and tested. It constitutes a real turnkey solution that can be integrated easily into all types of chassis.

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