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 Energy on board

As a specialist in driveline systems, PVI has developed unique know-how in terms of integrating various single or composite energy sources.

PVI’s driveline systems were designed to be able to use all sorts of batteries, and particularly the latest Lithium-Ion technologies, as well as ultra-capacitors.

Numerous types of battery packs are now integrated into vehicles: 42 kWh, 65 kWh, 85 kWh, 100 kWh, 170 kWh, and 255 kWh. PVI’s powertrains and solutions are in fact adapted to the specific needs of the vehicles concerned.

The experience acquired from these integrations enables PVI to position itself as a recognised expert in the field and to offer its customers a set of very high-performance solutions.

PVI installs batteries in its vehicles that are tested and validated in terms of safety and their long service life, with long-term guarantee conditions.

Depending on the needs of PVI’s customers in Europe, attractive rental packages including the monitoring and maintenance of batteries are also offered.

The chargers are integrated by PVI into the vehicles via the powertrains’ power electronics. This enables the vehicles’ users to hook up directly to a 16 to 64 A charging connector depending on their needs, without having to invest in external infrastructures.

The integration of Li-Ion batteries requires a set of tests to be carried out on each chassis by skilled teams before they are started up in order to ensure the safety of all the vehicles equipped with PVI powertrains. This process tightly controls the integration of the batteries and makes it completely safe.


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