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 C-Less - City Low Emission Silent Solution

In order to respond to its customers’ specific expectations, PVI develops and produces various types of 3.5 to 26 tons GVW electric chassis.
For the heavy range PVI chassis, the C-Less brand (which stands for “City Low Emission Silent Solution”) is symbolic of a significant reduction in the carbon impact caused by these fully electric vehicles.

The various types of C-Less electric chassis developed by PVI are specifically dedicated to central city operations.
These compact vehicles, which are very manoeuvrable, fit perfectly into urban traffic thanks to the performance characteristics of their zero-emission driveline system, and are amazingly silent.

When used in refuse collection trucks, C-Less chassis types guarantee collection performance characteristics that are equivalent to the ones for conventional vehicles:

  • Driving performance characteristics thanks to a new-generation electrical chassis,
  • A maximum travel speed in “driving” mode of 70 to 90 km per hour depending on the collection profile,
  • A collection capacity that is the same as the one obtained with vehicles featuring internal combustion engines,
  • The possibility of climbing steep slopes thanks to a robotised gearbox that is integrated into the driveline system.

Above and beyond the technical performance characteristics, fully electric C-Less trucks also provide a responsible, environmentally-friendly response to issues relating to the environment and to polluting emissions.

Indeed, operating a C-Less vehicle enables the atmosphere to be spared over 95% of the CO2 emissions produced by a conventional truck with an internal combustion engine. C-Less vehicles are also very silent and enable a major reduction in noise pollution.

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